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October House Vintage

Saturday, June 20


1361 Hertel Ave. Buffalo 

Brunch at Brazen Brewing

Sunday, June 30


5839 Genesee St. Lancaster 


Who wouldn't want a bracelet that actually fits?


Forever Banded are semi-permanent bracelets sized and cut to measure to your wrist.

Metal Options: There are two different types of chains offered: 14K Gold-filled and Sterling Silver.


Price: Gold-filled chains start at $36 each or 3 for $88. Sterling Silver chains are $28 each or 3 for $68. Bracelets are also available with a clasp for $40 each.

*Prices subject to change due to fluctuating market rates.

A few options for bracelet removal if

needed - make an appointment to have it removed in our studio, cut the jump ring (connecting piece) with wire cutters or cut the chain itself with scissors. 

You can easily remove your bracelet, either by cutting the jump ring off with wire cutters or cutting the chain with scissors. If the bracelet falls off and the chain isn’t broken beyond repair, or you would like to put a bracelet back on, please make an appointment to come to the studio.

Forever bracelet appointments are available at our studio in East Aurora, NY. 

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